Wk15 – Artist Interview –



On Thursday, March 30th , I went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex to participate the Art 110 class for interview the artists and visit their artistic works. After I walked around to experience the artistic works at the Gatov Gallery, I met Matt Do. I came up to him and ask for having an interview with him. He agreed, and he was so nice to me, so we began to interview with each other.

Matt Do is from Huntington Beach, CA. He is 19 years old. He is a Freshman, this is his second semester at CSULB. He is majoring in Nutrtion now. He likes swimming, and anything at the beach. He also likes skateboarding and snowboarding, and wants to learn surfing. He has finished two full marathons without training. His favorite foods are burgers and Vietnamese food. His parents are from Vietnam, but he can’t speak Vietnamese. He said he worked at Huntington State Beach as a lifeguard, and has saved more than 400 people at the beach.

Matt do was the 13th classmate that I have interviewed. In my opinion, he is a hero because he has saved a lots of people’s lives and he always wants to do these kind things such as finishing the EMT school. He said he wants to be a firefighter after he graduates even though his major is Nutrtion. I’m so happy that I could meet him, and I hope everything goes well with him.

WK14 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Charles Banowetz


On Thursday, March 30th, when I walked into the Gatov Gallery, I was attracted by a special artwork. The artist of the artwork is Charles Banowetz. The artwork was remarkable in the gallery, a lots of people were taking pictures around it. The artwork showed a peacful forest, and the anme of this artowrk is Treecloud.

The artist, Charles Banowetz, explained that the overall concept of his work comes from his innermost consciousness. He trys to live his life in a state of awareness, in which he consciously and consistenly try to better himself and take responsibility for his personal happiness. He said process is very important to him. He likes to begin almost purely intuitively and then consciously develop the painting around the visceral first layer than he has created.

After I visited his artwork, it made me felt like being in a state park or forest. My mind was full of the nature. I could imagine that the forest is peaceful and natural. I could even feel the cloud or fog is fluttering above the trees at a warm afternoon. I really like this artwork. It makes me think about nature things and feel relaxed.

EC ACTIVITY – PROCEDURAL ART – Musical Drawing by Christian Posada

EC Activity from Musical Drawing by Christian Posada


1. Listen to one of your favorite songs

2. While listening, close your eyes

3. With a black marker, draw one continuous line/squiggle/circle on a blank paper, without lifting the tip of the marker for 30 seconds

4. Open your eyes and stop drawing

5. Use 4 different colors to color in the gaps between the line/squiggle/circle that you drew

6. Once you are satisfied with our art piece, stop.

7. Admire your artwork!


I have interviewed Christian Posada for the class. Once I discovered he was very good at drawing even though he was majoring Psychology. He could be an artist. After I tried Christian Posada’s activity, I felt that I seemed to go back to my childhood. I think that almost everyone likes drawing thing like this. I even had a drawing book for filling the pattern by using different colors when I was a child. This activity is so remarkable and memorial, especially with favorite music.

EC ACTIVITY – PROCEDURAL ART – Alphabet Stories by Amanda Bjornstad

EC Activity from Alphabet Stories by Amanda Bjornstad

1. Write out each letter of the alphabet.

2. Write a word next to the letter, starting with the listed letter.

3. Write a story connecting all the words together.

The apples look so pretty. A small bee flies around the apple tree when a cat wants to catch it. Doctor Lee is eating his breakfast. He will fly to New York to watch NBA games. New York is very hot now. In this international city, not everyone wear jeans to work. A man kick the taxi door and laugh for some reasons. Doctor Lee’s mother bought some new olive for some homeless people. When Doctor Lee arrives his mother’s house, a car drives by so quickly. This red car has a high speed in resident area. It sounds like it has a turbo engine. After Doctor Lee watch the NBA games, he has to go to the NY University to do a speech. There are many visitors during the speech time. everyone gets wet because it is raining. At night, Doctor Lee is watching the X-Man movie at his mother’s yard. However, when he wants to call back to his home, he forget the zone code.

The Amanda Bjornstad’s activity is so fun. It is the first time do a activity like this, I never even done this in Chinese characters. while I was doing the activity, I felt I was like a film or drama writer. I created some stories that I never thought about. Also, this activity is a challenge because I have to use my second language to create it and use the letter in order. Overall, this activity is very fun to me, I prefer to do it in the future or play it in Chinese character with my friends.

EC ACTIVITY – PROCEDURAL ART – How to draw a picture by Christian Park style

EC Activity from drawing a picture by Christian Park style

1. Get a sheet of blank paper.

2. Draw a simple geometric shape at the center of the paper (a circle, triangle, square, etc.)

3. Take the piece of paper and any writing utensil and carry it with you throughout your day.

4. Along with the writing utensil, give the people you pass by or meet the piece of paper and ask them to add something, or anything, to the drawing (Remind them to keep their contribution creative yet simple so they don’t “overdraw” or hijack the drawing).

5.  Continue Step 4 until the page is filled to the point where no more drawings can be added.

6. Stop and admire the artwork.


This activity is very creative because it made by several different people. When we offer the sheet, every one has their different understanding so the space and imagination of the artwork will be wider and wider. The people have different background, religion, culture, etc. The work will absorb these information and combine them together. I believe that there is on border between art, so this method is very good to get inspiration for art.

EC Activity – Procedural Art – Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

EC Activity from Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

1. Get your mobile device!

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!

Here is what I got:

1. look 2. make 3. go 4. I 5. birthday 6. thank 7. give 8. school 9. happy 10. San Diego

“I want to look at you again, but you don’t go to school anymore. You move to San Diego. I want to make it possible, but I can’t. Today is your birthday, I want to say thanks to you, give you a hug, and hope you are happy.”

When I tried Jasmine Barnum’s way of Procedural Art, I could feel some emotions come to me. It was very miraculous. Even though the words that I chose were radom, it still let me remember some past. People are busy in recent world. However, when people calm down and recall some past, it is still warm.

Wk13 – Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama


On Thursday, April 23th, when I walked into the Dutzi Gallery, I was attracted by a series of artworks. The artist of the artworks is Shihori Nakayama. The artworks were unique and fantastic in the gallery. The artworks showed some dream cartoon like the cartoon that I watched when I was little. It made me think of some kind of connection between us.


The artist, Shihori Nakayama, explained that the exhibit as a visual journal of her life. Shihori Nakayama is a Japanese, so her artworks have a style of Japanese cartoon. That’s why it let me feel familiar with because I watched a lot of Japanese cartoon when I was little. Shihori Nakayama came to the U.S. when she was 12 years old for studying. It is very brave that going to a different country, when she was young. She said that she wanted to earn in MFA in Cal State Long Beach. She has already earned her BFA at Northridge and she is currently earning her MFA in Printmaking.


After I visited her artworks, I found that Shihori Nakayama’s artworks were comprised of several small pieces. They just like every different dream or feeling of the artist. When all the small pieces come together, they become a spirit or the life of the artist. It made me think of the connections of my dream. Therefore, I realize that every day is important to me. I should cherish every single day to get a more positive life rather than just stick at home and think about future.