Wk2 – Activity –Spray Paint

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Today afternoon, I went to Venice Beach to spray paint on the wall for the class activity. After a long and tough trip, I have arrived the beach. This was my second time to go to the Venice beach. There was still busy and crowded as well as I went there at the first time. My friend and I went through the Ocean Front Walk to find where the Art Walls is. Finally, after asking a kind girl, we found the Art Walls.

This was my first time to do spray paint because it is not very popular in China, most people don’t know how to spray paint, where to buy the articles of spray paint, and where to spray paint on. Above all, spray paint is illegal in most of cities in China. Therefore, since I was born, I have never tried the spray paint. When I started my first spray paint, I realized that it was very hard to control. The spray would disperse and the line would get so thick when it sprayed out so I tried to get the nozzle close to the wall for painting. It was better after I tried several times. Finally, I started to spray paint my name on the wall. I chose gold and black spray paint. I completed two works for the activity. For the first one, I sprayed on a newspaper box. I used gold color to be the base color and then sprayed the black color to paint the outline of my name. It was not that perfect, but it was memorable because it was my first work of spray paint. For the second work, I chose to spray on the wall because there was enough area for larger letters. I used opposite colors to do the second one. I thought that it was much better than the first one except a few letters were not been filled because the black spray paint was already empty even though I bought a big spray can (11 oz).

After I completed the two works, I felt that spray paint was an amazing thing that people should try. It could strengthen people’s mind and patience, and express really what people want to say or think. When people spray paint on walls, there are just the walls and people without anything. Therefore, people can use all energy for the paint works. Also, I hope that I can spray paint someday in the future, people can have some legal places to spray paint in China, and more and more people are willing to do this thing to discover the charm of spray paint.


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