Wk2 – Classmate Interview –Kyler Victorio

IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0174

For interviewing the artists and visiting the galleries, I went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex. I went to Maccabee Shelley’s exhibition and listened to his presentation of his artistic works. After visiting that gallery, I found out my index cards to start drawing my “student ID card”. Just then, a guy walked up to me for asking an index card. This guy was Kyler Victorio who was the first classmate that I had a conversation with.

Actually, I was very nervous to communicate with native speakers because English is not my first language. However, Kyler Victorio was so kind to me, he encouraged me to talk with him when I told him that my English was not good. He looked like a very intelligent person. After some dialogues, they proved that I was right! He is major in biology which is very difficult to learn and graduate. In my opinion, biology is very far from me because biology is a major that is only for smart people to learn. Also, he told me that he wanted to learn something about trauma which is another tough major. He has one sister and one brother, and both of his parents are from the Philippines. He was born in the U. S. and his home is in Long Beach.

After we had a conversation with each other, we went to the GATOV WEST gallery again for exchanging ideas of the exhibition. We both thought that Maccabee Shelley’s artistic works were really like jade, and the artistic works were very good for personal collection and home decoration. Of course, we both thought the idea of Maccabee Shelley’s artistic works were so awesome. It could the environment be better, and made the valueless things valuable. Finally, I was so glad to meet with Kyler Victorio, and hope everything goes well with him.


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