Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography and Instagram

IMG_0225 IMG_0230 IMG_0231 IMG_0232

The week 3 activity is to post pictures on Instagram, and to discover some relationships among classmates in Relational Aesthetics. It is hard and embarrassed to say that I don’t have an account of Instagram. It is not because I am a stereotyped guy, or China blocks Instagram sometimes, LOL. I just don’t like to post my face or my life on internet. However, I have to change it because of the class.

After I set up an account of IG, I uploaded my first set of posts. I uploaded four photos through the day. The photos includes visiting gallery with classmate, celebrating my birthday with friends, drinking blended drink and playing billiards with friends. When I clicked the hashtag of our class and got into the group, I was surprised to find some interesting things in our ART110 group.

I found that lots of classmates were doing the same thing in the same day. They liked to take picture with friends or family. It proves that human is a very social species, people can’t live without others. The relationship is a very important element of human. Also, I found that the some classmates liked to upload their pets on IG. I did the same thing on Chinese social web as well even though I didn’t do it on IG. It shows how important pets are to people in recent world. In addition, lots of classmates uploaded foods, drinks and games on IG, and some of them uploaded the same artwork like me. It is so awesome and miraculous to me. By the IG group, I discovered that a group of people have the same behaviors, habits, or even ideas. It probably proves that people are one unit without countries, politics, race, etc.


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