Wk3 – Artist Interview – Ian Robertson-Salt

IMG_0205 IMG_0207 IMG_0209 IMG_0215

On Thursday, February 5th, when Christian Posada and I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery, we both were attracted by a big artwork that named as “The Order of life”. The artist of this artwork is Ian Robertson-Salt. The artwork was remarkable and special in the gallery. It is 92” x 42”, it is the biggest artwork in the Marilyn Werby Gallery.

The artist said that he spent about 15 hours to complete this artwork, and the artwork was drawn by charcoal. And he said that he likes doing mural work. He worked for LB restoring murals and use to work in DTLA. He is good with animals so I thought that’s why he likes to use animals as targets in his artworks. He is minor in Native American Cultures. Also, he explained the artwork to us. The artwork represents three different worlds. The top part includes several eye-ball planets which mean the celestial world. The middle part is a big deer head and some animals which means the earthy world. The bottom part includes a snake and oil drillings which mean the underworld.

What I’m thinking about this artwork is that the celestial world is an illusory world. Most people believe that there is a celestial world in our universe. People can find the evidence of the celestial world from majority of religions. However, almost nobody can prove it exist even though I still think it is real. The earthy world means that what people can believe and prove it exist. But people often don’t cherish what they really have or own, and to pursue what they can’t have, the celestial world. As a result, people will get into the underworld when they lose the earthy world. The earth is going to the underworld more and more likely in recent world. People have to awake the trend if they still have a dream to the celestial world someday.


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