Wk3 – Classmate Interview – Christian Posada

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On Thursday, February 5th, I went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex to participate the Art 110 class for interview the artists and visit their artistic works. At the Gatov-gallery, I walked around to experience the artistic works that were named as “Rompe”, and created by Daniel Rivera. While I was experiencing the artistic works, a classmate talked to me. We both didn’t have a conversation with others so we began to interview each other.

His name is Christian Posada. He is a fourth-year student who is major in Psychology. I told him that Psychology was very mysterious to me, and I believed that he could probably know exactly what I think about. He was laughing and then said that Psychology is not that mysterious, and it has several deferent branches so people don’t just learn Psychology about mental things. He told me that he is 21 years old as a senior student. I felt ashamed that I’m 27 years old as a sophomore student compare with him. He is from San Gabriel Valley, and his mother and father are from El Salvador in Central America. He also told me that his father has a half Chinese extraction, it interesting to know this as a Chinese. He is the oldest child in his family, and he has a younger sister and brother.

After we finished the interview, we went to the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Christian and I were attracted by a big artwork that named as “The Order of life”. Christian and I thought that the artwork was so beautiful, and it shown a deferent and allusive world to tell story to audience. Christian Posada was the second classmate that I have interviewed, he was kind, accommodating and optimistic. I’m so happy that I could meet him, and everything goes well with him.


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