WK4 – Activity – Performance Art

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I am a Pre-Film and Electronic Arts student. The reason why I chose this major because I have started to learn performing arts since I was six years old in China. I have learned Fine Arts, Dance, and Theater and Drama Performance for several years. The activity of this week is Performance art. I never knew about the difference between Performance Art and Performing Arts before. I got some information about Performance Art after the Art110 class. Therefore, I will create a performance art show for the weekly activity.

The name of my performance art show is “Greed and Death”. I wanted to express that people always want to get more and more from the earth, especially ocean. If so, people will get the worst result in the future. In this show, I wore a T-shirt which has a bunch of fish. The fish is seen as ocean resources. The knife and fork are seen as the tools or methods that people use with. When people discover the resources, they are always excited, and cannot wait to get and consume them. However, people don’t realize that they and nature are one unit like my T-shirt and me. They are still eating themselves. After people over-consume the resources, people will not realize that this behavior will cause a bad result. Therefore, they continue to consume and destroy the nature like eating themselves. As a result, the nature will revenge, and people will pay the price. Finally, these is just a T-shirt without me, which means the nature will resurrect after people disappeared.

People take many resources from the ocean every year. People think that ocean is inexhaustible. Actually, ocean resource will be empty after several decades if people don’t stop asking for ocean resource. When the ocean is empty, the disasters and wars, or even the end of the world will come up. This is not a joke so I want people to get awake about that problem.


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