Wk4 – Artist Interview – Rachel Gehrke

IMG_0252 IMG_0254 IMG_0262

I am from Qingdao, China which city has a special relationship with Long Beach, California. Both of these cities have huge ports and are very close to the ocean because they are coastal cities. Therefore, as a person who was born in the coastal city, ocean is very important to me. Since I began to cut one’s wisdom teeth, ocean was accompanying with me.

On Thursday, February 12th, when I walked into the Gatov-West Gallery, I was attracted by several special artworks that created by Rachel Gehrke. The artworks were very remarkable and special in the gallery. They all shown an animated and colorful ocean world to me. There were two artworks of Rachel Gehrke to get the most attention of me in the Gatov-West Gallery. One of the artworks is named as “Nautical Tangled”. It has been created by acrylic and charcoal on paper. It shown a flowing world under the sea. I could find several jellyfishes on this artwork. I felt that they were free but tangled. It was like people’ relationships, especially couple’s relationships.

Another artwork is named as “Anthozoa”. It has been created by acrylic, ink, pastels, and charcoal on paper. The shape of this artwork When I first time saw this artwork, I was interested in its shape because this artwork’s shape was not rectangular or foursquare but irregular. It shown some coral lives on the rocks under the sea. The bottom of shape of the artwork was like melting and going down. It expressed the lazy coral’s behavior. Also, artist used orange or coral color to express a tropical sea. It was like visiting an aquarium after experienced the artworks of Rachel Gehrke. It was a very special experience to me as a seasider.


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