Wk5 – Activity – Kickstarter

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The first area that I explored on Kickstarter is Craft. I found two projects of plush toys as my comparison object. The first project’s name was Magic Element Plush Toys. The creator got an idea from four natural elements. They are fire, water, air, earth. I was very interesting in this project because its idea is so awesome. As a Chinese person, people always believe that nature has deferent element to influence the world that we live with in China. Therefore, this project really grab me. Also, the four kinds of element plush toys looked so cute. Every one of them had different expression. As the creator mentioned, the project is nerdy and fits our actual personalities because more and more people like to hide their emotions; people should have some stuff to release their moods. It is a very good way to release these bad moods when people see these cute plush toys.

On the other hand, another project that I think was lame or didn’t grab me. This project’s name was MooGoo the Fairy Dragon Plush Toy. The creator used a small white dragon as his or her project. In my opinion, dragon should be strong and powerful because dragon is very sacred in Chinese culture. Even in western culture, dragon still is fierce. Therefore, the dragon of this project is too weak even though it is a fairy toy. Actually, it will be better if the creator can use a unicorn or elfin instead of the dragon.

The second area that I explored on Kickstarter is Design. I found two projects of coffee grinder as my comparison object. The first project’s name was Precision Coffee Grinder by Handground. In my opinion, the first coffee grinder was more attractive than the second. It uses some fashionable designs such as transparent shape and bright metal components. Also, it is very convenient to carry. Its function is very awesome; it has 20 coarseness levels to produce different flavors of coffee. In addition, this project is already fully funded and even get more funding that creator need. Before I published the blog, its fund is $205,051 but it pledged of $35,000 goal. This shown how the project was popular.

However, another project was slightly inferior. The second project’s name was EvenGrind Coffee Grinder. Its design was more outdated. It just uses black metal as half part of the coffee grinder which looks too heavy to carry. Also, it doesn’t have different level to produce coffee. Its goal of funding was $30,000 but before I published the blog, it was not fully funded.


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