Wk5 – Artist Interview – Will Brigham and Jie Tsai

IMG_0302 IMG_0299 IMG_0298 IMG_0303

As a Chinese, I am very proud to say that Chinese culture has influenced the world for a long time. When I was a child about six years old, I started to learn traditional Chinese painting. The traditional Chinese painting is light and abstract. I have learned the traditional Chinese painting for several years. Therefore, I knew some basic information about it and I always interested in it.

On Thursday, February 19th, when I walked into the East Gatov Gallery, I was attracted by a artwork that named as “You’re a Cherry Blossom, You’re about to Bloom, Look So Pretty but You’re Gone Too Soon”. The artist of this artwork is Will Brigham. The artwork was remarkable and special in the gallery. The cherry tree’s shape in the artwork was very like a famous pine tree which named “Yinker Pine” in Mount Huangshan, China. Also, the artwork is full of Chinese element. It has been created by copper, enamel and wood. Long time ago, Chinese people has started to use enamel to create crafts like this artwork.

After I experience Will Brigham’s artwork, I found another artwork that related to Chinese culture. This artwork was created by Jie Tsai. The name of the artwork was “Goldfish”. As everyone knows that goldfish is derived from China. Therefore, Chinese people like to feed goldfish for watching for a long time. People can find lots of goldfish crafts like this artwork in China because Chinese people believe that goldfish will bring money and luck to people. This artwork has been created by copper. Copper is very bright, so the artwork looks very jubilant. Usually, people like to use gold to create the craft in China but it’s too expensive to get it. I think that this artwork is a good substitute if this artwork can be sold in China.


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