Wk5 – Classmate Interview – Xiaofang Fei

20150118_161459-1 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0312

On Thursday, February 19th, I went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex to participate the Art 110 class for interview the artists and visit their artistic works. After I walked around to experience the artistic works at Werby-gallery, I met Xiaofang Fei. She was very nice to me because she agreed with me that I could interview her even though she had already had a conversation with another classmate. It was very funny that we use lame English to talk with each other because we didn’t know that we both are from China before the interview.

She is from Wuhan, China where is famous for spicy duck neck. She likes singing, and she likes songs that sung by Faye Wang and Teresa Teng. She also likes watching movies, her favorite movie is Unbroken directed by Angelina Julie. She loves ocean and her favorite color is snow white and sky blue. California has both of these colors all the time. This is one of reason that she came to the Long Beach for studying. In addition, it was amazing that she studies the same major as my major. Actually, she switched major from international business to film. Before I met Xiaofang Fei, I have never known any Chinese student that was major in film. Finally, she told me that unlike other common Chinese families, she has one older sister and younger brother.

Xiaofang Fei was the fourth classmate that I have interviewed. After our interview, I forgot to take pictures with her because we both have to go to next class. Fortunately, she sent her pictures to me later by social media tool. She was kind and accommodating. I’m so happy that I could meet her, and I hope we can make film very well or even cooperate together someday.


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