WK6 – ACTIVITY – Yarn Bombing

IMG_0353 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0358 IMG_036020150224_120934

I have never heard about Yarn Bombing before I took this class. It is very strange for me. However, after I learned some information of Yarn Bombing from the class and searched some pictures of Yarn Bombing from the internet, I was really surprised about and interested in it. Therefore, for this weekly activity, I made a small project of Yarn Bombing.

My work of Yarn Bombing is called “hazy light”. I used a black skirt that my friend doesn’t need to be my material. I cut off a strip of black cloth to create my work. I used the black strip to warp the lamp, then I took some pictures of it. The idea of my work is that when some people use their concepts to cover others, the others will be submerged, and the others’ concepts will be stopped. However, there is still a hope. The uncovered light means that the truth will never be covered even though there are some interference. I was satisfied about my work because it has a moral.

Finally, I want to talk about the similarities and differences between Yarn Bombing and Graffiti. The similarities between Yarn Bombing and Graffiti are that they both are beautiful and can express some concepts to others. On the other hand, the differences between Yarn Bombing and Graffiti are operation and cost. In my opinion, Graffiti is more difficult to control to create artworks than Yarn Bombing. Graffiti needs people to practice many times to do it well. Yarn Bombing is simple as long as people know how to knit or tie. Also, Graffiti costs more money than Yarn Bombing. People need to buy several spray paint cans to do Graffiti; the spray paint cans are not cheap. People just need a ball of wool or even some useless stripes to do Yarn Bombing.


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