Wk7 – Activity – Portrait Photography

IMG_0407 IMG_0410 115401885581c8b762o

it is a very taboo topic to talk about death in China, especially in the past, because Chinese people believe that talking about death will bring bad luck, illness or even death. Even though more and more young people don’t care about the old concept, avoiding to talk about death is still a powerful taboo in China. However, our weekly activity is taking pictures of landscape with a corpse. Landscapes with a Corpse activity inspired by Kaoru

We have to think about our death for this activity. It is difficult to choose which ways we going to die, even though I am not a outdated person. In fact, death is not comfortable to people no matter where they live in. Some people die by diseases or some die by accidents. People have many ways to depart. Just like how the funny song, Dumb Ways to Die, goes “ set fire to your hair, poke a stick at a grizzly bear, eat medicine that’s out of date, use your private parts as Piranha bait, dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die.”

After A long time struggle, I got an idea of my own death for the activity. The activity was named as a ‘ comfortable departure’. I imagined that I lie down in my bed, and slept to die. I was peaceful, relaxed, or even seemed like a little bit comfortable. I think that sleeping to die is the best way to depart the world because it is painless and unconscious. People don’t need to be afraid of diseases, accidents which cause death if they can sleep to die. Also, I think everyone will die in someday later, so people should face on it rather than evade it.


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