Wk7 – Artist Interview – Lourdes Martinez

IMG_0381 IMG_0384

On Thursday, March 5th, my Art 110 class went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex for interview the artists and visit their artistic works. At the Gatov-gallery, I walked around to experience the artistic works. While I was experiencing the artistic works, I found an artwork that was very attractive to me. This artwork was named as “Imprint”, and created by Lourdes Martinez.

The artwork shown several pictures of air planes. In the beginning, I didn’t know where the air planes were from, and what the artist wanted to express. After the artist’s explanation, I knew the artwork has deep meaning to Americans. The artist explained that she present various images of the planes involved in the September 11 attacks, found in online archives and search results removed from their context in this artwork. Her hope is to replicate the effect television had on our understanding of the World Trade Center attacks. It is a mediated attempt at rationalization that becomes ineffective due to the mass repetition and filtering of the same information, ultimately distorted through mechanical reproduction.

After I visited Lourdes Martinez’s exhibition, an idea came to my mind. I realized that the September 11 attacks brings a lot of pain to Americans. Even though more than ten years later, there still are many Americans care of it. It is very important to remember the people who died in the September 11 attacks. Americans need to remember the attacks because every life is valueless inestimable. Also, people need remember love instead of hate.


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