WK8 – ACTIVITY – Remix Culture

IMG_0468 IMG_0470 IMG_0469

Remix culture is very strange to me. When I heard about remix thing, I just knew something of remix thing about music before. It is not very popular in recent China, so I can’t even find some professionals of remix thing in China and some professional remix projects in Chinese culture. After I learned some from the class and found some information from the internet, I started to understand remix culture.

According to a website, in a new media context, a remix is the combination of two different pieces of media to form a new piece of media. For example, a voiceover and Hollywood movie can be remixed together to form a new video. Remix works best when the source materials are totally different from each other, like Romantic Comedies vs. Biblical Dramas, or when they comment on or critique the other.

It is difficult to create a remix culture project by a person who never knew about remix thing like me. However, I got inspiration of remix culture from my own room. I found a cup that was kind of remix thing. This is a normal cup that I used for drink water everyday. It is also special because it has a cool pattern on it. The pattern used to use on a famous chili sauce bottle. People who like to eat Asian food are familiar with it because people can always find it in restaurants. The designer use the famous pattern to the cup, and use red color to be the base color. The color will make me think of red chili sauce. When I drink water, I often recall the taste of chili sauce because of the pattern. I think it is a very successful remix culture work, and I hope after I know more and more information about remix culture, I will create a remix culture work in the future.


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