WK8 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Bianca Hurtado

IMG_0383 IMG_0384

On Thursday, March 12th, when I walked into the Gatov Gallery, I was attracted by a series of photographs. The artist of the photographs is Bianca Hurtado. The photographs were remarkable and special in the gallery. The photographs showed the artist and her mother were sitting on the box and faced to different directions. It made me think of some kind of connection between them.

The artist, Bianca Hurtado, explained that her mother and her are a mirror image of one another. It was through the act of story telling or witnessing it herself that their lives fused. Also, she explained that whether she likes it or not her life is a result of her mother past decisions and experiences. Through the process of creating this body of work is how she learned to make sense of this connection. Finally, she said that towards the end of this project was when she realized that she can never break free.

After I visited her photographs, it made me think of the connections of my own parents. My dad always told me that it is impossible to lie to him. He said that he could know everything about me because he raised me. What interesting is that my dad really know what I think sometimes when I want to lie to him. Therefore, I really believe that there are some connections between my parents and me after these experiences and visiting the photographs.


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