Wk9 – Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning


The week 9 activity is the Architecture & Urban Planning of the CSULB Campus. Even though I am not good at drawing, I still like to redesign the map. Honestly, I like to watch maps very much since I was a child. Also, I always like to see planning of my home town in China. Every time, when I find a map on matter what it looks like, where it comes from, when it makes from, I will be excited to explore it.

For this week activity, I have drawn several new buildings of CSULB on a map. First, I drawn four parking structures at four corners of the campus because it is easier to let students to take the same distance to arrive any building on campus. The reason that I designed parking lots like this is I hate CSULB’s parking lots that are far away from some buildings on campus. As an Arts college student, I have to take a lot of time to go up to the top of campus to study every time.

In addition, I designed gym like a half of soccer ball because my favorite sport is soccer. The dorm building that I drawn was like a flower. Students could enjoy more sunshine in their dorms because the angle of the dorm building is good for save daylights. Also, I designed a new teaching building. I build a swimming pool and a rest area on the top of the building because I want students could enjoy their break time and have fun after they finish classes. Finally, I designed the library and food court building. I designed the library like two books, and food court building like a big cake, so new students could know what they are by their shapes.


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