Wk9 – Artist Interview – Shuai Fu

IMG_0440 IMG_0445 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0453 IMG_0464

A few weeks ago, I got some messages from an artist. His name is Shuai Fu. He told me that he need some help from me to compete his project. He wanted to film a short video about a Chinese in the U.S. The reason he need my help is because I am major in Film. Unfortunately, I had to do something else so I was so disappointed that I didn’t help him.

On Thursday, March 19th, when I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery, I was surprised to find Shuai Fu’ project right there. The artworks were very special and in the gallery. His project name was “ A Clown In The Jungle. I”. The duration of the video was 29 minutes and 14 seconds. He used a TV to paly his short film and the remote control was under the TV, so people can even use it to see what part they want to watch.

Fu Said that in his work, he is interested in seeing the identity that he projected on himself in the new environment, and the if there’s any impact he can have on other people in the society here. He wants to dress up in a very incorrect type of stereotype, and also present it in a wrong period of history, at the same time he is interested in making fun of himself as an artist and as a Chinese, by mocking this art gesture in a very low-cost way. After I watched his short film for a while, I could feel what he want to express because we both are Chinese guys. I think his project was very successful and he was such a genius. I hope we can work together for next time.


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