Wk9 – Classmate Interview – Richard Truong


On Thursday, March 19th, I went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex to participate the Art 110 class for interview the artists and visit their artistic works. After I walked around to experience the artistic works at Marilyn Werby Gallery, I met Richard Truong. I came up to him and ask for having an interview with him. He agreed, and he was so nice to me, so we began to interview with each other.

Richard Truong is from Fountain Valley, CA. He is 19 years old. He is a Freshman, this is his second semester at CSULB. He is major in Accounting now. He likes judo, and PC games, and he is trying to learn motorcycle. His favorite foods are Korean BBQ and PHO. He likes milk tea, he almost drinks it everyday. He likes camping and snowboarding, so he always go to Big Bear. He also wants to learn surfing. His parents are from Vietnam, but he can’t speak Vietnamese. He said he never moved out from CA because he liked CA’s weather. He lives in a house in Cerritos, so he has to drive to school everyday.

Richard Truong was the eighth classmate that I have interviewed. During our interview, he told me something about his sister and brother, especially the relationship between he and his sister. He has one older sister and one younger brother. He told me he is not talking too much to his sister because she moved out early from home, and she was a soldier before. I want to tell him he needs to communicate with his sister because the relationship of family is invaluable. I’m so happy that I could meet him, and I hope everything goes well with him.


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