Wk10 – Activity – Student Choice


I was surprised when I saw the week 10 activity. The week 10 activity is student choice. It is very flexible to students to do the activity. However, after I saw the topic for week 10, I spent a lot of time to think about what I should do for this activity. It is hard to me to choose a wide topic. Direct topics might be easier to me because I am a “lazy” person.

One day during spring break, my friend and I went to Hollywood. We visited some pretty places and ate some delicious foods. I also took some pictures for our trip. While I was seeing these pictures, I got an idea of week 10 activity. I wanted to use photography as my activity. Therefore, I started to keep my eye on special things that I was surprised at. When we drove on a street, I found my ideal object.

I saw two special fire hydrants on the road edge. They have been painted as two little men that had mustache and pink cheeks. The top parts of fire hydrants were painted yellow as two men’s hats. And the bottom parts were green as their bodies. They looked so cute and happy. After I took the photo, I realized that people need a little humor and relaxation with their lives in this busy and realistic world. Arts, such as painting and photograph, is the easy way to bring happiness to people. Everyone could do these kinds of warm things to others or society to build a better world. If people keep eye on them, happiness will be everywhere.


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