Wk10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

On Thursday, March 26th, when I walked into the Gatov Gallery, I were attracted by two special artworks that named as “One Nation Under God” and “Long Distance Relationship,”. The artist of this artwork is Dawn Ertl. The artworks were remarkable and great in the gallery.

The artist said that she has been weaving about 6 years, and she started her works about a year ago when she started weaving wool, yarn and plastic to create these artworks. The artworks were made by fiber. It is interesting that it let me recall our fiber activity. My work is too tiny and simple than hers. Ertl explained how the two weavings reflected the relationship between politics and religion. She wanted it to show how these two different work together.

In addition, Ertl also keeps eye on environmental issues. She thought that the plastic bag is a headache problem. she likes to use plastic bags for her artworks to represent the issue. What I’m thinking about the artist and her artworks is that she is a very assiduous artist, she could spent a lot of time to create one project. She is also an ideologist because she likes to use her artworks to show her concept. And she is not only a artist but also an environmentalist. She has the sense of responsibility to remind people to protect the environment by her works.


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