Wk10 – Classmate Interview – Eduardo Catalan Olivares


On Thursday, March 26th, I went to the CSULB SOA Gallery Complex to interview the artists and visit their artistic works. At the Gatov-gallery, I walked around to experience the artistic works. After I was experiencing the artistic works, and I found a classmate that I could have an interview with.

His name is Eduardo Catalan Olivares. He is a freshmen student who is major in Math. He is also minor in physics. He is 19 years old. He was born in Mexico, and came to the U.S. with his family when he was 5 years old. He has two sisters and one brother. His youngest sister is the only one who was born in U.S. in his family. He told me that he likes learning new things, reading and being outside. Also, he likes to travel even though he has not been to many places. He said that he will go back to Mexico to visit other family members for next trip. He likes cold places even though he was born in Mexico and lives in California. His favorite food is pizza, and he prefer to eat Mexican food. He told me that he has never eaten Chinese food, but he will try it.

After we finished the interview, Eduardo Catalan Olivares told me that he likes to watch soccer but not good at playing it. It is interesting that he said when he watch World Cup, he will support not U.S. but Mexico as first and Germany or Spain as second. In addition, he told he has two last names that from both of his parents. It is very surprised to me as a Chinese guy. Eduardo Catalan Olivares was the 9th classmate that I have interviewed, he was kind, accommodating and intelligent. I’m so happy that I could meet him, and everything goes well with him.


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