Wk11 – Activity – Plaster Casting

IMG_0618 IMG_0617 IMG_0616 IMG_0614 IMG_0620 IMG_0619

The week 11 activity is Plaster Casting. It is hard and embarrassed to say that I have never tried Plaster Casting even though I started to learn arts when I was 6 years old. It is not because I am a stereotyped guy, or I am a lazy guy. I usually think that plaster is an industrial thing. People use plaster to repair house and wall. And I don’t like to touch wet things like plaster. However, I have to change it because of the class.

After I watched the videos on our class website, I began to have interest in Plaster Casting. In the videos, people went to the beach to do the activity. It is hard to me to go there for the activity because I have to go to Pomona every weekend. Therefore, I went to Michael’s to buy the plaster. When I was back home, it was more difficult to start the activity because I didn’t have any place to dig the hole, especially at apartments.

Finally, I found a way to do the Plaster Casting. I discovered a glove that fits my hand, and then I started to make plaster referring to the direction. I used a bucket to the container, poured the plaster and water into the bucket, then stir them together. When the plaster was liquid, I poured it into the glove and held it for several minutes. After the plaster was solid, I used a scissor to cut the glove to take the casting out. Fortunately, I got a nice plaster casting of my hand. This activity let me restart to think about plaster. When I touched the plaster during the making time, I felt that plaster is not only a industrial thing. It is alive, and its power base on how many passion that people put into.


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