Wk11 – Artist Interview – Patricia E. Rangel


On Thursday, April 9th, when I walked into the Werby Gallery, I was attracted by several special artworks that named as “REBUILDING”. The artist of this artwork is Patricia E. Rangel. The artworks were remarkable and great in the gallery.


Patricia E. Rangel said that metal and dirt are resistant materials, both are forgiving to work with. Her process involves extracting fabricating, building, compacting anf repetition. She respond to dirt as a material, it has the ability to present vulnerability, failure, strength, and change. She created structures by compacting earth. They are composed of dirt she resued, each time rebuilt in a new form.


In addition, Patricia E. Rangel said she collected materials from places that hold personal significance – orchards, roadsides, her grandfather’s ranch, her parent’s backyard, and Smith Mountain Cemetery in the San Joaquin Valley. She was working the dirt by mixing, reconstituting, and re-contextualizing it. She said the labor of repetition is important to her practice as it relates to the arduous acts of working the fields.


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