Wk11 – Classmate Interview – Veronica Meza


On April 9th, I met Veronica Meza outside in the middle of these four galleries. She is the 10th classmate I have a conversation with. We changed our name at the first time, and shared our happy moments during the study of artistic work.

Veronica was from Mexican but now her family moved to Long Beach, she is from a big family that has one brother and two sisters, I can tell they may have a lot of fun in their everyday life. She is major in psychology and often take a bus to school as she lives close to campus. I was happy that she told me how to be less nervous when speak in front of a group people and encouraged me to speak English as often  as possible to make improvements.

We also had a conversation about her favorite art work, she showed me  the painting and told me the story about the artist Roger which was very moving. She mentioned that although her favorite color use to be pink when she was much younger, now she really dislikes it and much prefers green We actually had a really cool conversation about what we thought about art, what influences we have in our art. Even we did not talk too much, we had a good time together.


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