Wk12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe

IMG_0636 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0633

On Thursday, April 16th, when Christian Park and I walked into the Merlino Gallery, we both were attracted by some artworks that features a collection of theme of cats. The artist of the artworks is Ashley Sharpe. The artworks were very unusual, remarkable and special in the gallery.

Ashley Sharpe said that she created this show to express her fondness of cats and let her playful personality shine through. She spent many hours to complete this show.  And she said that she has lived in the Orange county and Los Angeles area over the eight years, she has lived with multiple cats owned by roommates, while she has never owned her own. She said that these cats have brought a sense of peace and euphoria to her life in times of stress and anxiety. Also, she has created molds of cat food cans that can be found in her show. These cans are presented on an altar to pay respect to the cats that are living, or now in the spiritual world.

What I’m thinking about this show is that the abusing animals is more and more serious in China, especially abusing cats. Some people in China believe that it is not a big problem of abusing animals. Some people abandon cats or dogs when they are moving to other places. As a result, these animals will be hurt or killed. People who live in the U.S. can’t do these things because they will go to jail if they do, and there are some laws to prevent this behavior. After visiting this show, I could feel how the artist or even Americans love these animals. I really hope that people can care of these animals, and we could have some laws to stop abusing animals in China.


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