EC ACTIVITY – PROCEDURAL ART – How to draw a picture by Christian Park style

EC Activity from drawing a picture by Christian Park style

1. Get a sheet of blank paper.

2. Draw a simple geometric shape at the center of the paper (a circle, triangle, square, etc.)

3. Take the piece of paper and any writing utensil and carry it with you throughout your day.

4. Along with the writing utensil, give the people you pass by or meet the piece of paper and ask them to add something, or anything, to the drawing (Remind them to keep their contribution creative yet simple so they don’t “overdraw” or hijack the drawing).

5.  Continue Step 4 until the page is filled to the point where no more drawings can be added.

6. Stop and admire the artwork.


This activity is very creative because it made by several different people. When we offer the sheet, every one has their different understanding so the space and imagination of the artwork will be wider and wider. The people have different background, religion, culture, etc. The work will absorb these information and combine them together. I believe that there is on border between art, so this method is very good to get inspiration for art.


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