EC ACTIVITY – PROCEDURAL ART – Alphabet Stories by Amanda Bjornstad

EC Activity from Alphabet Stories by Amanda Bjornstad

1. Write out each letter of the alphabet.

2. Write a word next to the letter, starting with the listed letter.

3. Write a story connecting all the words together.

The apples look so pretty. A small bee flies around the apple tree when a cat wants to catch it. Doctor Lee is eating his breakfast. He will fly to New York to watch NBA games. New York is very hot now. In this international city, not everyone wear jeans to work. A man kick the taxi door and laugh for some reasons. Doctor Lee’s mother bought some new olive for some homeless people. When Doctor Lee arrives his mother’s house, a car drives by so quickly. This red car has a high speed in resident area. It sounds like it has a turbo engine. After Doctor Lee watch the NBA games, he has to go to the NY University to do a speech. There are many visitors during the speech time. everyone gets wet because it is raining. At night, Doctor Lee is watching the X-Man movie at his mother’s yard. However, when he wants to call back to his home, he forget the zone code.

The Amanda Bjornstad’s activity is so fun. It is the first time do a activity like this, I never even done this in Chinese characters. while I was doing the activity, I felt I was like a film or drama writer. I created some stories that I never thought about. Also, this activity is a challenge because I have to use my second language to create it and use the letter in order. Overall, this activity is very fun to me, I prefer to do it in the future or play it in Chinese character with my friends.


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