EC Activity – Procedural Art – Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

EC Activity from Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

1. Get your mobile device!

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!

Here is what I got:

1. look 2. make 3. go 4. I 5. birthday 6. thank 7. give 8. school 9. happy 10. San Diego

“I want to look at you again, but you don’t go to school anymore. You move to San Diego. I want to make it possible, but I can’t. Today is your birthday, I want to say thanks to you, give you a hug, and hope you are happy.”

When I tried Jasmine Barnum’s way of Procedural Art, I could feel some emotions come to me. It was very miraculous. Even though the words that I chose were radom, it still let me remember some past. People are busy in recent world. However, when people calm down and recall some past, it is still warm.


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