WK14 – ARTIST INTERVIEW – Charles Banowetz


On Thursday, March 30th, when I walked into the Gatov Gallery, I was attracted by a special artwork. The artist of the artwork is Charles Banowetz. The artwork was remarkable in the gallery, a lots of people were taking pictures around it. The artwork showed a peacful forest, and the anme of this artowrk is Treecloud.

The artist, Charles Banowetz, explained that the overall concept of his work comes from his innermost consciousness. He trys to live his life in a state of awareness, in which he consciously and consistenly try to better himself and take responsibility for his personal happiness. He said process is very important to him. He likes to begin almost purely intuitively and then consciously develop the painting around the visceral first layer than he has created.

After I visited his artwork, it made me felt like being in a state park or forest. My mind was full of the nature. I could imagine that the forest is peaceful and natural. I could even feel the cloud or fog is fluttering above the trees at a warm afternoon. I really like this artwork. It makes me think about nature things and feel relaxed.


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